School Uniforms

March 23, 2009 que0109
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School uniforms may be a good idea. Now a days students get in trouble a lot for dress code. Maybe a strict enforcement such as school uniforms might be the solution to that problem. If a school chooses not to wear uniforms, be specific about dress code. Rather than saying what we cant wear say what we can wear then maybe problems in dress code wouldn’t be such a problem.
I’ve always worn uniforms since I was in pre-school. Where I’m from not just private schools wear uniforms everybody does. The thing about uniforms is it saves a lot of money. Most teens, for instance me, like to look cute at all time so I spend my parents money all the time. The school I’m at now doesn’t wear uniforms but they are trying to get started with uniforms by the next two years.
I think school uniforms tells a lot about a school depending on what type of uniform it is. If you just tell a student to wear a navy blue shirt and khaki pants, then that doesn’t say your school does things in a organized fashion. Design a uniform for your school. Make your uniforms different from other schools in your state. If your uniform is organized and everyone has on the same exact thing then that tells  that your school is organized and do things in a orderly fashion.
Some students fill that uniforms  are stupid. I think if they would wear they clothes right and not try and show  they developed then not wearing uniforms wouldn’t be a problem. Boy now a days want to wear they pants down to their knees and that’s not being professional. Girls want to wear their chest out and want they behinds out but that doesn’t show that they are professional either. I think that some people need uniforms because they don’t even know how to dress appropriately.
So there are different ways to go about school uniforms. One way is being more specific about dress code if you choose to not wear uniforms. Another way is getting professional looking uniforms instead of just saying just wear khaki and blue. Make students look like they would be working in a office everyday. Get them ready for real llife jobs. Teach them how to be neat.

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